To draw is my breath.

And through art I speak.

Ink in Hand
6 September 1985
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Okay, not feeling blase anymore so maybe I can actually put something interesting here.

......*is stuck* I mean what do you say to a bunch of strangers on the net, explaining who you are in a few short words but still leave you some privacy? Words that, idealistically, properly convey the person that is You so that others understand how you think and what it is that interests and drives you, while still not baring your soul?

I find that my thought processes differ from the norm to such an extreme that it's often difficult for both myself and whomever I'm speaking with to follow the same reasoning. While on the web it's easier, I can read and reread to my heart's content, so I can deduce exactly what it was that someone meant. It's also easy to look over what you want to say, and to make sure you're not stumbling over your words. You're all so illogical that it's a wonder that anyone can communicate with anyone at all.

-Dinosaurs are my first true love, I cannot possibly stress this enough. My yahoo is even an anagram of the word.

-The natural world follows and is an extension of dinosaurs. There is so much that is fascinating and wondrous that anyone who doesn't see that confuses and depresses me. Anything unusual or not well known I tend to geek out over. I mean, how many of you knew that the millipede was the first land animal ever? Or that the Mantis Shrimp has the coolest vision of any animal EVER? And that the largest living thing ever known is a fungus?

-Mythology is my third. Particularly the various creatures found in it. And it's not just the popular pantheons that catch my attention either. A lot of the lesser known ones are simply amazing but don't have the fame that better recorded cultures do. Huitzilopochtli beats Aries/Mars as a God of War any day.

-I also like messing with peoples preconceived ideas of gender, intelligence, free will, symbolism, religion, politics and any other mindset boundaries that people take for granted that they have. Which is why I will not state whether I am male or female, I am who I am, and I feel that is far more important than whatever bits I was born with.

So... hello and welcome. This is primarily an art journal, and almost every single post has some sort of creative output from me. I'm currently head over wheels in the Transformers fandom, so you'll see a lot of that here.

Feel free to comment on anything, I don't mind old posts coming up again no matter their age. I appreciate anything anyone has to say and I will always reply.

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