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To the person who sent me a tf valentine...

    -"your art is marvellous and you're so lovely, I hope only good things come to you from now on."

Thank you so much. You're very lovely too and I hope things are a well as they can be for you. I'm sorry I haven't been posting much since January, too much started piling on my plate and choosing to not overwork myself wasn't an easy one. Extra bad on me for forgetting to post my decision up here though.

A lot of things have been taken care of in the meantime. The three dogs in our care finally got to go to the vets after far too long without and they're now all up to date and a few issues sorted out. The smallest, a dachshund badly needed dental work and ended up needing ten teeth, his incisors, pulled. He's doing much better now,

My current string of nightmares has ended, no more waking up with an aching chest and slippage back into old stay-in-bed-to-avoid-shit habits. Go me! Had a strange sort of not-quite-zombie apocalypse dream last night, full of survival horror stuff. (a weird blend of zombification and turning people into dolls/puppets by an invading supernatural people/demons?) But thanks to the fact that in that sort of dream I can run, prepare and even fight back means I don't consider it nightmare material. *shrug*

I'm getting better at talking about myself and being social. Been processing a lot of internal shit that's built up over the years and finding our just how many masks I've been wearing and how deeply they've gone. And because of that, discovering how neurodivergent I truly am and accepting that of myself.  Hadn't realized how much of my normal passing habits were actually deep-rooted internalized lessons that were actively, passively, or self taught behaviors that were harming me in the cost it took to maintain. Which tl;dr means that I'm "more autistic" now. But, i'm more aware of my limits, where I do "function" really well, how to communicate when I lose words, and that my losing words is alright and that fighting through is just about the worst thing I can do to myself for that.

Financially things have gotten better. Not in the long run, since it was a one time thing of life insurance coming through. But's it's why the dogs finally got to go to the vets. I need to go through my posts and see what all I've mentioned about the situation, before I talk about it again.

But yeah, things have been looking up. So thanks, and I hope I can get some art up soon. I do plan on making March an art piece-a-day in lieu of January not working out, but no promises.
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Day 15: Medusa

Had her in my head last night as I was (rather unsuccessfully) trying to sleep. And while the mental picture was somewhat different than how this turned out, I'm not complaining that she turned out far cuter than I intended.

As for the days I've missed, I've done the work. But I've not had the energy or brain for posting them, as writing out descriptions and figuring out tags often takes up more energy and spoons than the drawings, paints etc do.

And I've been so busy taking care of legal matters and fighting a fever that I just didn't bother. Tomorrow they'll get posted though, as I finally have nothing pressing scheduled. Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.
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Day 10: Generic Dragon

A painterly styled sunset dragon for a card of mine that I should have done months ago. I'm really bad at doing certain things that need to be done for myself. Like really, really bad. At least I've come to the point where I know just how bad, and know that the fact I need help with a lot of executive tasks isn't my fault. 

Mostly, though I thought I already had, coming to terms that I'm disabled has been both freeing and terrifying. Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.
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Day 9: Waltz Dancers Silhouette Bulb

This one was requested by my dad.a while ago since he thinks his dance group would be interested in this kind of thing.

Had to do a simple thing today since today was Long and Stressful. In part of finally getting hit with winter and I swear the number of people who don't know how to drive increases exponentially when there's snow on the ground. Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.
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(not-so-belated) Day 8:My Little Direhorse

This has been a WIP for years. Finally buckled down and finished the lineart, coloring, shading and added even the simple background.

Part of why it languished so long is that I just lost interest in the recent MLP series somewhere in season two. And in no large part of the toxicity that invaded the fandom side of it turned me off to doing anything there. Got tired of Avatar too, the alien life is great but it’s a kinda problematic movie sadly enough. Both in race and in disability, but I don’t have the words to explain myself properly about that right now.
Still love the alien life though. Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.
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(Belated) Day 7: Original Species Deep Sea Unicorn

This is just an inkling of a much larger project between Heslestor and I. One of many we're planning under a combined umbrella name of MoodyCrow Creations. This particular project is tentatively called The Unicorn Gardens.

This is part of a concept we've been working on for the past several months and it's looking on becoming our creative baby. It's been a bit hush-hush since it's gonna be massive and take years before it reaches it's full potential, but been getting itchy about wanting to show something off.

And so, the commonly called Trenchers.

(so I actually went to bed after food, since I was far more tired than I thought) Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.
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(Belated) Day 6: Leafy Sea Dragon Ornament

Wish the photo of this was a bit better, but the backing on the B is a mirror-like metallic and I have no clue on what I need to do to take a better pic. *shrugs*

The B is about 2 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" high.

(Gonna get some food before I post the last one, I'm just glad it no longer takes me over an hour to make a simple post anymore.)
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(Belated) Day 5: Faux Fairy

Lost a couple of days uploading due to net provider shenanigans and problems with my tablet driver. Blech. Also had to deal with being overwhelmed and getting sick thanks to everything having a fragrance in stores this time of year and people having no restraint with their perfumes and other sprays. Makes it really hard to focus and do things at a normal pace.

As for today's piece, it's got some backstory. When I was little and just learning the word faux, I thought it was pronounced fox and decided to be clever with my own little created species. Basically foxes with insect wings and antennae. Jump forward over a decade and I can actually make it look nice. Originally posted at my dreamwidth account.